Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Aknicare.co.uk & Teen Zone - New Sites Dedicated to Acne and the Treatment of Acne & Oily Skin

New Aknicare® Teen Zone created for Acne sufferers right through to those with just one spot.

Read about acne; why we get it, just when we start thinking about how we look to others; what causes it, the truth; why bacteria are not the primary problem; why we should protect our skin bacteria; why prescription acne treatments can cause super bugs in hospital. Read Acne Myths, Tips, Facts and Solutions; The Truth backed by acne experts not old wives tales or things your mates heard. Understand red marks, scarring and preventing it and hyper pigmentation better; when antibiotics should be used. Read about the consequences of antibiotics in latest news. Play Spot the Difference, Enter competitions to win stuff. Get the full Aknicare system for Free; six products worth over £100 Get free stuff. Read how most products just try to manage the onslaught on our skin and do little to prevent new spots building underneath. It can take up to six week to create a spot. So using products that just work on the surface might alleviate what you can see now, but look in Teen Zone to find the true solution. The first product that topically applied as a Lotion and Cream can revolutionise your skin and return it to normal without side effects such as mood swings and depression. Backed by top acne experts across Europe including in London.


Aknicare® .co.uk is the new site dedicated to the treatment of acne, spots and oily skin.

Following the advice here can seriously improve your skin. Read the medical evidence, the information by top acne specialists and how Aknicare®, a new Medical Device has been proven to be the only product, topical or prescription that effectively treats acne and oily skin by targeting the four key criteria that the ideal acne treatment needs to;
1) Effectively Reduces Oil Production (seborrhoea) by up to 68% in a clinical trial carried out in London
2) Effectively Reduces Skin Thickening
3) Effectively Controls Key Bacteria involved in acne - p.acnes without causing bacterial resistant strains
4) Effectively Reduces Inflammation
Take Control of Acne - Don't just target old spots, Create an environment where NEW spots don't happen


NEW AKNICARE FORUM OPEN - http://aknicare.freeforums.org/. Speak to other acne sufferers and Aknicare users and ask the administrator for advice about acne, spots & oily skin as well as how best to use Aknicare